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Being Stared At Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!
How to Use the Cards

As always, safety is first! Make sure your child is well versed in Stranger Danger and she knows never to run ahead and start talking to people without you being right with her the whole time.

Practice role playing with your child. Use examples of actual encounters your child has already had and let him reenact it using the cards to see how it might have resulted in a more positive outcome.

Practice her basic introduction line or lines as she hands her card out.

Watch for situations when using the card would be beneficial. And learn when approaching someone may not be appropriate. This will take some practice. We have rarely come across someone who was not receptive to my son’s efforts, but there have been a few times when the recipients continued to be rude. Make sure your child knows that the problem is with the recipient and has nothing to do with your child, and praise him for making an effort to be friendly.

If your child is naturally shy, do not force her to use them in ways that make her uncomfortable. Instead, consider handing the cards out for your child and initiating light conversation. The more times your child sees the cards resulting in positive encounters, she may eventually overcome some of her social fears and want to try using the cards herself.

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