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Being Stared At Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!
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With the enthusiastic encouragement of the psychiatric, care coordination, physical therapy, and child life teams at the Shriner’s Burn Hospital in Galveston, TX it is our wish at Friendly Face Forward, LLC to offer customized burn cards to all children who have suffered injuries such as Fulton’s, FREE OF CHARGE.

These children have already survived one of the most excruciating forms of injuries one could suffer. Now, we want them to move beyond survival and give them the tools to help them thrive!

We need sponsors to give us the funds needed to begin this work. The funds will be used as follows:

  • To cover the unfortunate but necessary expenses of creating a website and getting the word out to burn victims that this FREE resource is available to them
  • To pay for the creation, printing and shipping of 250 highly customized, full color, 3.5×4 inch folded cards to the children who need them – telling each child’s unique story and sharing the information they feel is important

Long term plans for Friendly Face Forward will include:

  • Free cards for any family with a child who has any physical condition that causes others to stare or make unkind comments
  • To help bring the training program we have created to hospitals, burn camps and any other organizations who work with burn victims, that these people will then be able to train the children on the best ways to use their Friendly Face Forward Burn Cards as they prepare to re-enter society
  • To help cover the ongoing extensive medical costs associated with Fulton’s lifelong needs

Won’t you please consider the emotional and psychological healing that these cards can bring to children just like Fulton? Help show them that being stared at does not have to be scary. And that despite the challenges they face in life, they can learn that most people will be able to quickly look beyond the scars and see the beautiful child within. They just have to learn to bring their own friendly face forward first!

Please join Fulton’s journey on the Pray for Fulton group on Facebook. And join us at Friendly Face Forward on Facebook to watch us grow and begin to change lives, one set of cards at a time!


* NOTE: While it is our goal to be able to offer these cards to any child who needs them, Friendly Face Forward currently only prints the folded cards for burn patients. We are happy to offer cards to children with other physical differences, however they will be on a regular sized, 2 sided business card. If you are interested in acquiring a set of these cards for a child who was not burned, please contact us. We are eager to help!

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