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“Fire of Love is one of the best books I have ever read. It will dramatically stir the embers in your heart to a roaring flame of love. No burden, heartache, or catastrophe is too heavy or too much for God. Travel along with Cassandra Poppe and her son Fulton on an unforgettable journey of tragedy, pain, enduring love, redemptive suffering, and peace. Their pain was so intense, you might be tempted to close the book at times. However, I encourage you to hang tight to their hands and keep going. Cassandra beautifully unveils what lies beneath the shards and ashes to reveal an exquisite discovery of the “Fire of Love.” She gently prods us, “Just keep your heart open to Him…and peace will eventually come.” You will be changed for the better by reading this book. I guarantee it.”
“Most of the time we ask the question, ‘Why do bad things happen?’  Cassandra Poppe responds in her memoir, Fire of Love, with ‘How do we respond to the bad things – with love or despair?’  Her authentic, riveting, and often raw recollection of her son, Fulton’s fire accident is truly a universal story – of struggle, suffering, wrestling, love, and redemption.  What the world needs sorely is hope in God’s mercy and unfailing love.  Poppe delivers in a beautiful but honest way.  Prepare your heart and soul to accept the message God has in store for you through her journey.”
Jeannie Ewing, Author of From Grief to Grace: The Journey from Tragedy to Triumph.
“I originally “met” Cassandra through her writing in 2010 and have long admired her commitment to both her faith and her family. Since that January 2013 day that forever changed the Poppe family’s life, my profound respect for Cassandra and Jay Poppe has only grown and deepened. In “Fire of Love”, Cassandra recounts with gripping detail and heartrending emotion a devastating accident involving her precious young son Fulton and how her personal trust in God’s will enabled her to withstand circumstances that would bring most of us to the brink of devastation. This book moves beyond the story of Fulton’s tragic burning and into the realm of a spiritual treatise, examining both the “before” and “since” moments that have contributed to Cassandra’s passion for God and our Church. Along with way, you’ll meet one of my favorite superheroes, Fulton Poppe, and discover how God is calling each of us, even in moments of vulnerability, to find our own way to serve the world around us. Read this book not only to learn how one family has coped with the unthinkable and thrived, but how you too might ignite a fire of love in your own heart.”
Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of THE GRACE OF YES

Cassandra Poppe has written for several online Catholic websites; most notably CatholicMom.com. She is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, author of The Rosary Quilt religious program, contributor to The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, and occasionally dabbles in blogging as time permits. She is a converted, Traditional Catholic wife and mother of 7 and enjoys sharing her experiences through her writing and as a public speaker.

Cassandra gives talks on subjects pertaining to living out the Catholic faith in everyday life, including:

  • The Rosary: A Breath of Fresh Prayer (prayer journal workshop)

  • Perfect Contrition: Passing On the Golden Keys to Paradise to Our Children (with Jay Poppe)

  • Heart of a Servant (marriage during hard times)

  • Slow and Steady, I’m Not Ready! : My Conversion Story

  • Thy Will Be Done (story of surrender during Fulton’s trials)

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Cassandra speaks on a wide variety of topics from homeschooling to Catholic motherhood to the virtues of suffering.


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From helping your children to pray the rosary more reverently to leading you through Lent, Cassandra has products to help you grow closer to God.

The Rosary Quilt Activity Book

Using St. Louis’ book with her own children, Cassandra began to see how incorporating his ideas into a parent activity book would help her and other parents grow in faith and teach the rosary to their children. Now the book is written as a 20-week course.

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Lenten Family Discussions

Have the best Lent ever! Nightly discussion questions keep your family focused on growing in faith and holiness as you count down the 40 days of Lent.

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40 Martyrs Stories

Learn the story of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste and let their story inspire your children to succeed in fulfilling their Lenten penance.

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Part conversion story, part tragedy-to- triumph, Fire of Love is a story that begins with the horrific moment when Cassandra Poppe’s 4-year- old son Fulton was severely burned in a homestead accident. Faced with the possibility of losing him forever, the weeks and months that followed offered her many opportunities to reflect on how her earlier years leading up to, and after, her conversion to the Catholic faith prepared her for the moment in time where her faith would be tested to its limit. And how embracing the crosses that came her way, and surrendering all suffering to God, she was able to sift through the ashes to uncover the love and joy He intends for us all to discover through our suffering.



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